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Metro (Louisville) Obscurity

For 'alternative' natives of Louisville

For goths & punks of Louisville
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This community has been created for strange, weird or alternative residents of Louisville, KY and surrounding areas (Southern Indiana included).

This is where you can get to know others in the area, post personals, pictures, info about live music shows, events, projects, etc. We have no problem with rants, as well. It's to be an active community.

1. Respect other members
2. No hate or discriminating here. We won't have it, and it will get you banned.
3. If there are large pictures that you want to post, remember to do an LJ cut
4. No posting nude pictures

Other than that? Have fun. There is a form to get folks to know you better, just feel free to fill it out.

Age: (Optional)
5 Favorite Musicians:
5 Favorite Movies:
5 Favorite TV shows (optional):
Area You Live Out In:
Something you want to recommend:
What's something you'd like to see here:
And a picture of yourself (optional)

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