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I'm not a grown up, I'm a musician

Hobo Love Tour: A Travelling Accordion Poetry Cabaret is coming to Louisville!

Come and see the one and only HOBO LOVE TOUR and get ready to be amazed by Waltzing Matilda the One Beer Prophet (formerly known as J. Wilber and Reverend Jess Duggan) and Cindy Emch (aka Emchy) of Vagabondage and Rhubarb Whiskey as they embark on the Hobo Love Tour! They'll be spilling drinks and breaking hearts through the rust belt and the south. Whatever you do, don't miss this daring duo! It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll never forget!

Fri. Sept 19
Ray's Monkey House Cafe - 1578 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY

Kentucky: The Bluegrass State. Kentucky - does not mean "dark and bloody ground," but nevertheless, you're likely to hear some murder ballads at this show! The Hobo Love Tour is excited to play at a venue fulla fellow freaks & caffeine junkies!

Waltzing Matilda (also known as Jessica Wilber; formerly known as Jessica
Disobedience, Jessica Whiskey, Edna Million, and Reverend Jess Duggan) is
constantly restless. She's run away with the circus six or seven times - her mom was
a mime and there are several clowns in her family, so she guesses she was born with
greasepaint in her blood. She is a storyteller, a musician, a clown, a burlesque
dancer, and a sideshow performer. She is a former punk rocker who raised herself
on a steady diet of strong liquor and Tom Waits. She writes stories and songs about
travel, heartbreak, ghosts, drinking, trains, the circus, and murder, among other
things. Her writing has appeared in many publications, including
Word Riot,
Razorcake, the Zine Yearbook, the Peninsula Pulse, and the Shepherd Express
not to mention her own zines,
Safety Pin Girl (c. 1997-2004), and Sad and Beautiful
(c. 2004-present). She has performed spoken word, music, sideshow, and
burlesque in a variety of groups and events, including – the Perpetual Motion
Roadshow, Girlie Q Burlesque (Chicago), Steel Bridge Song Fest (Sturgeon Bay),
Carnivolution (Philadelphia), FILF (Cleveland), and Carnivale (Oshkosh). She'd sell
yer heart to the junkman, baby, for a buck - but if you buy her a drink or make her a
pallet on your floor, she'll likely be your best friend.

Emchy is a writer, dreamer, and the nefarious accordion mastermind behind the
bands Vagabondage and Rhubarb Whiskey. Her writings have been published in the
Can I Sit With You project, LodeStar Quarterly, There Journal, Tough Girls 2: More
Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica
edited by Lori Selke, It's So You: 35 Women on
Fashion, Beauty and Personal Style
edited by Michelle Tea, and numerous
chapbooks. Her adventures with Vagabondage are legendary, including
performances at the Hubba Hubba Revue (2008 Best of the Bay Variety Show), and
other sordid venues in California. She believes that art can create change in the
world and that it's not so hard to be nice to people. She also thinks that dirt smells
like magic and gets lost in the woods on purpose.

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